Wednesday, April 17, 2013

After watching the crocodiles, raptors, monkeys, bearcats, snakes, birds and various reptiles, you definitely should cool down at just located outside the Crocodile Park. 

What is Ice Cream?

Ice cream is a frozen dessert usually made from dairy products, such as milk and cream, and often combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavours. 

Did you know...?

The only producer of crocodile ice cream in this world got inspiration from sister company Crocodile Park. 

Instead of regular cream and chicken egg, they use milk which is mixed with crocodile egg which comprise 80% yolk!

 The Fruit flavors are also made more delicious with ripe and fresh picks sourced from their Dizon Farms.  

The ice cream was further developed with a good command of culinary expertise of Chef Bianca Dizon.

About Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream

Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream is the only producer of crocodile ice cream in this side of the world. First artisan ice cream in the country made with crocodile eggs.

The first batch of crocodile ice cream slowly made it to Sweet Spot freezers in 2011; word of mouth caused the ice cream to gain favorable response from ice cream lovers and adventurous foodies alike.

Today, Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream is growing its own cult following with locals and tourists ordering crocodile ice cream by the tub. The brand also packs surprises every season with myriad flavors of regular ice cream.

Go get yourself a treat of new flavors of Crocodile ice cream:  DragonFruit , Pandan, Strawberry Kiss, Chocoloco, Mangomazing, Durian Dynamite and Cookie Monster.

 Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream should always be a treat worth traveling for. Discover Davao! Discover Sweet Spot!

DavaoBloggers with Chef Bianca Dizon

(Get your Sweet Spot fix this summer! Like Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream in . For orders, contact (082) 225-0184; or email )
Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream is located at the Crocodile Park Complex, Maa, Diversion Road.



  1. I really love Sweet Spot na! I believe they serve the best artisan ice cream in town.

  2. I'd like to try the crocodile Ice cream. I heard it's much more creamier.

  3. I love ice cream but this is just ... eeewwww. Don't think I'd eat one even if it looks tempting.

  4. Gigi Beleno

    wow! it looks like a great food adventure and I want some. I am not really fond of exotic food but I can surely manage to taste it.

  5. I can eat exotic foods by not letting me know that it is exotic... haha. But I want to give this a try when I visit Davao!

  6. that is so interesting, ice cream made of crocodile egg. i have to pass!

  7. Why do they call it Crocodile Ice Cream ? Nevertheless, I simply loves ice cream.

  8. Instead of regular cream and chicken egg, they use milk which is mixed with crocodile egg and comprise 80% yolk!

  9. You have to try. Promise! It's still like ice cream but it's creamier and of course, delicious!

  10. Even if it is made of crocodile egg, they should have named it something creative - scary naman ng "crocodile ice cream" :P

  11. marrimye

    My favorite ice cream flavor is COFFEE CRUMBLE but if one of the ingredients is crocodile eggs and it tastes better... I would love it more.

  12. Love it. .specially that it's summer time. not just kids will surely enjoy in a place like that. but also adults like us. .love to visit them one of the days in Philippines.

  13. I didn't think the name was serious though but wow... This means we are now closer to making balut ice cream... xD

  14. Kenneth Ravida

    New twist on both an ancient beast and an old somehow dessert, great thinking and idea

  15. I wonder if they have shops in Manila too? :) Not only that ice creams are one of my weakness but i'd like to have a taste of that Dragonfruit flavor too!

  16. Oh wow, thanks for sharing! Would definitely try this :D I wonder what croc ice cream tastes like. Hmmm..

    :) Erika

  17. Faust

    do they have extra large cones for crocodile ice cream? ehehehhe

  18. I haven't tried croc ice cream yet. How does it taste like? :)