Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ever since I discover and traveled to different places, Boracay Island has been my dream destination. Being voted as Best Island in the World, and situated here in the Philippines. I should visit this home to Paradise!

Last year my husband and I started to plan our out of town vacation trip. I asked my younger brother to tag along with us since we still have one year to save for this trip. 

We begun checking on airline flight promos, hotel accommodation promo, fun adventure promo and purchased in advance to lessen the expenses during the actual trip.

Below you will see the outline of the Day 1 and Day 2 trip to Boracay Island. I have included the itinerary and actual expenses during the entire stay. 

Take Note: 
  • Did you notice that we spent too much on tricycle fare? I missed to budget the fare for initially I thought the place can be walk but because of tight schedule of activities, we have to hire a tricycle to bring us fast to our destination.
  • There's an ATM in Boracay, but I still brought Php 5,000 cash and still have remaining in my purse after the Boracay trip!



I've been in boracay once and I love the place. My sister goes there every year as they love the place so much and I'm glad they bring my parents this year as my father feels better. Wow! you still have left on your 5,000 pesos-that is cool.

Thanks for posting this. It gave me idea how much will I take if I'll o there. Like you, it's one of my dream summer destination.

This post has given me an idea of what to prepare for a trip to Boracay.

Is that is peso or dollar? Anyway, enjoy your vacation to Boracay. I wish to go there someday.

@Tingting, the expenses is in pesos.

Wow, it's amazing how inexpensive you can go to Boracay . I have never been to Boracay in my life.

wow, that is great to know that it is that inexpensive to go still to Boracay, and you still have some left with your P5000 pocket money. this is very helpful for travelers who plans to go to Boracay.

oh wow! what a clever idea to save money while on vacation, i must have do this too, i wish to visit those places and saving more money is what i can do as for now, aside on searching where to go.

been to Boracay long time ago Sarah, but have not been since then, want to go back with the kids, since it's just a plane away. sadly, my troop don't like the beach that much, so Its kind of hard to convince them. thanks for the tips :)

Forget about the tricycle fare, sulit naman ang stay mo sa Boracay. We've been there 2011, but my daughter shouldered all the expenses.

Wow! Looks like that's a Boracay blast! I can tell through the detailed itinerary! I haven't been to Boracay yet! Hopefully, someday! :)

That's a well-organized vacation. And I think the budget will work for everyone. Thanks for sharing.

A very tiring vacation but worth it! At least you were able to go to your dream place at a low cost :)

Wow! :) I'm already preparing my itinerary for the island. I am excited! :) Hahaha. Glad that I find my way in this blog, now I have some ideas how much everything costs there! :D

Thanks for sharing this itinerary and its cost, it will be really helpful to those individual who havn't beento Boracay or to those who been there, too. :) you'reso good, you had it all in detail...good job! Anyway, i bet you had great days there. :)